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Oil Hose Air Hose Fuel Hose Industrial Hose Welding Hose Rubber Hose Sandblast Hose

Oil Hose Air Hose Fuel Hose Industrial Hose Welding Hose Rubber Hose Sandblast Hose

Look to find the perfect gift for that special gardener of yours. The winter can be cold and for someone who loves the fresh air and the thought of being outside in their garden a Hose reels winter gardening gift can be the perfect reminder that spring is right around the corner. A gardening gift is doubly special because they will have to wait for the spring and summer to use it but when they do they will remember how much you cared over the holidays. Plus if you know that your special someone loves gardening you are showing that you care and pay attention to their hobbies and interests.

Hose Reels – What are they?

Hose Reels are a cylindrical device around which many types of Hoses can be manually or mechanically wound. Most Hose reels feature a side-mounted handle for manual winding and unwinding. Some utilize electric, spring or air (pneumatic) power to unwind and wind the hosing with minimum effort. The purpose of Hose reels is to keep Hoses neat when not in use and kink free when being used. Hoses lying out are a tripping hazard to employees and customers. Hose Reels prevent this danger and also prolong the life of the Hose.

Hose Reels – Winding and Unwinding

Hose reels have different winding options. A manual Hose reel has no automatic retraction mechanism but is equipped with a hand-turned crank. A motor powers the retraction mechanism in electric, hydraulic and pneumatic Hose reels. In a spring reel, an internal spring is used to retract the Hose. In some spring Hose reels, the spring motor is hermetically sealed to completely isolate it from dirt and moisture. Many Hose Reels come with a latching mechanism that assures positive extension stop and easy retraction at any length. It should be noted that we do not recommend these types of Hose reels for home use as they can be dangerous when mixing electricity with water. There are also automatic Hose reels which use the power of the water flowing through the Hose to self wind. These Hose reels do not require any electricity and are the best way to automatically wind up a Hose.

Hose reels are manufactured to meet requirements for a variety of applications. Smaller versions are able to house smaller diameter and lighter hosing such as garden Hoses. Hose reels used for fire department and construction Hoses are built to be larger and more rigid to support the extra length and load. There are certain reels that are utilized solely for transportation and others that are used for transportation and storage. Some Hose reels allow the use of the Hose while it is still wound up. These Hose reels provide easy access and storing efficiency, which is what draws consumers towards them.

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